New Start - New Challenges

2010 -


At 19 years of age, and having lived 16 years under the same roof, moving the church to new premises was much more difficult than we thought it would be. We’d been searching for more than 3 years, for somewhere BIG ENOUGH to generate an income, that would provide stipend, accommodation and expenses for a new church leader and had a long list - but nowhere ‘ticked enough boxes’.

            When a pastor/priest/vicar moves on

  1. -or is moved on - those who might have

‘fallen out’ with him, can return to church

as if coming for a first visit - and a fresh start.

But anyone who fell out with Clive over the

past 25 years - and that’s quite a few,

because he can be quite a controversial

character - still see no return path.

            The premises in Calle Arquitecto

Urteaga didn’t tick ANY of the boxes, but we had a ‘witness of the Spirit’ that it was where we should be.

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